Well, finally I can share some good news! And it’s something I’m extremely proud of!

Last year, I met FINK lead singer and guitarist Fin while recording the Celine Cairo EP ‘Follow’. It was a great session and a couple of weeks later Fin called me to go for a beer in Amsterdam. After he asked me if I wanted to play keys on their new album, I vaguely remember saying “let me think about it”. I had been listening to their stuff for a couple of years, so I must admit I was rather stunned. And stunned is an understatement. So obviously I said yes…┬áLast November I flew to Los Angeles to join them in their recording session at the Sound Factory Studios.

The new album, called Hard Believer, will be released on July 14th. Check out the first single ‘Looking Too Closely‘. Also check out the title song of the album ‘Hard Believer‘.

And yes, there is touring involved! So check out the FINK website or my tour page for gigs and dates…

In the meantime, I’m quite busy writing new stuff, preparing for a new album. Don’t worry, new stuff is on it’s way…